Our Workflow is Simple, yet Effective.

Mission Planning

We work with you and your other project partners to understand your specific objectives.  

Mission Execution

Execution of the mission involves total control of the site and airspace within parameters set by CASA.   

Data Delivery

Data delivery direct to the client in predetermined formats relative to the service undertaken.  
Images Processed
Flight Minutes
Flight Missions
Mission Incidents


We Specialise In

The potential APPLICATIONS of drone technology are diverse.   Our integration of three distinct yet complimentary core services provide the opportunity to leverage data for our customers.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs on 0431 574 404 or team@regionaldrones.com.au.


Our Team, Our Vision

RegionalDrones is a western Victorian business focused upon delivering a regionally specific solution.

As well as providing precision aerial solutions, we are also passionate about the role technology has and will continue to play in our future.   The challenge for regional Australia is to acknowledge how important it is to embed emerging technologies within the education of young people.   We aim to grow our business, employ regional people and support a regionally focused tech industry.

“We need regional Victoria to be a participant in emerging technologies, not just a distant observer to our metropolitan colleagues”.


Operations (Post Mission Production)


Operations (RPA Flight Controller)


What do people think about the technology?

I was pretty surprised with how far drone technology has come.   The process is straightforward and they understand how to help us achieve success.
Alan Tudbridge